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Facebook In Hong Kong

By starting an advertisement on Facebook, you can soon approach the 4.9 million users of Facebook in Hong Kong. According to a recent survey, every Facebook user will spend 1.5 hours per day surfing on Facebook. Being the most welcomed social networking media in the world, it is always a wise choice to start your Social Media Marketing!

  • You will not face the competition from the advertisements of companies in the same industry with you.
  • Able to reach customers of different background
  • Users will feel comfortable as the advertisement will appear like a post shared by their friends
  • You may filter the audience of your advertisement by their age, gender, occupation, interests, etc., to meet the needs of your company
How it works

Facebook Post Ads (Suggested posts on News Feed)

  • Can be viewed on both desktop and mobile versions
  • Can keep a database of the customers
  • A widespread advertisement covering all of the 4.9 million Facebook users in Hong Kong
  • You can take the initiative to approach the potential customers, which is a big difference with the traditional ads